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Dear visitors. I am Bet (actually Ben) Lawson. I am a photographer and many say that I am a good one. In fact I have won a bunch of photography awards for my gambling and wedding stories.  I specialize in gambling photography – online casino, sports betting, eSports and anything related to produce high quality images for leading casinos throughout the world. My job is to make images that highlight the excitement of gaming and help operators brand themselves better. My images are used in various gaming magazine around the world as well. I gamble a little myself with my favorite sports betting is European soccer and NFL.

Priceless and romantic Maine wedding photography

I also specialize in wedding and commercial photography. Since 20012 I have photographed more than 1000 weddings in Maine and New England. I am a recognized storyteller and content creator. Things are made easy on your wedding day – All you need to do is to come to your wedding and worry about nothing but having the best day of your live. I’ll quietly and professional take care of the rest. You will barely notice as if my and my team are even present at the event and at the end we will hand you timeless quality photos to celebrate the occasion forever.

Gorgeous photographs from my hometown – Bangor, Maine

I enjoy taking shots at my favorite town of Bangor – it is a truly pretty place. In time I have developed an extensive collection of pictures from my favorite spots around town. You can see me on Broadway street, at the SeaDog or near Husson College. Check some of my favorites.






Some of our favorite gambling images

Testimonials from important customers

Imagination and precision

You certainly have a great ability to produce world class dynamic and interesting images. We are pleased to recommend you Ben.

Your creativity is world class

… we know that we can always receive quality from you – on time!

Magnus Bergen

We love your Maine images!

Remind us of the great time that we spent at UMaine Orono, back in the days. Bangor is one of our favorite cities in all of US!

Kim Dove

Awesome graphics for our magazine

Our readers seem to enjoy your work a lot – we will be back with more orders

Tina Strand

We have been working together for a long time now

It makes a natural sense as the product that you are giving us is well received and makes our site look great

John Libby

Relationship take a long time to develop

We have enjoyed our time working together with you. It has been a long time and we are pleased to have you as help when we need you Ben

Akihiro Okayama

Your work is inspiring and moving

Yes with you a picture can indeed say a thousand words. Keep it up.

Hans Dreifuss

Thank you for teaching our stuff on the basics

We greatly appreciate your training of our folks. We can do tons of work ourselves now, yet we are sure to have you on board any time you want to!

Simon Magnusson

Great Digital content – Perfect for our audience

We tried to improvise ourselves and had moderate results, but after we found you things seem to have turned around. Appreciated

Teemu Leinolainen